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Immigration Lawyer in Burnaby

Immigration Lawyer in Burnaby - Our firm knows that human resources are the most valuable asset of an organization or business. With more than 80 professionals specializing in management employment and labour law, our firm leads the way in the representation of employers. We help assist clients with a wide range of labour and employment requirements, like for example expanding or decreasing operations, strengthening the workers, or resolving disputes.

We have several researchers and lawyers specializing in labour and employment law, paralegals and law clerks, and occupational health and safety nurses who are professionals in their field. In order to handle workers' compensation issues, we serve non-unionized and unionized, private and public sector employers. Our clients could rely on us for personalized, reasonable solutions to whatever work-connected problems. We work closely together with our clients' labour relations, human resources, and in-house legal counsel. By managing their cases and files, we allow them to remain focused on every day business. As expert advisors, we foster long-term relationships, give ongoing strategic advice, and develop an understanding of each and every clients' unique requirements.

Our firm serves employees in a lot of industries, including air traffic control, agriculture, aerospace, atomic energy, banking, financial services, health care, insurance, manufacturing, food service, mining, retail, education, electrical utilities, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, construction, forestry, telecommunications, government, media, shipping, postal, longshoring, courier, security and personnel services, and transportation.

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Burnaby started off as a rural agricultural area which supplied nearby markets. In the latter years, it became an essential transportation corridor between Vancouver, the Interior, and Fraser Valley. Its name was derived from Robert Burnaby, who was a private secretary of the first land commissioner in the colony of British Columbia, Richard Moody.

Within the city of Burnaby, Heritage, Arts and Culture are very important. There are many excellent places to visit, consisting of the Burnaby Art Gallery (it offers educational programs for adults, seniors and children, exhibition and community projects in recreation facilities, community centres and schools), Burnaby Eco-Sculptures (eco-sculptors create art from nature), Burnaby Symphony Orchestra (currently in its sixth year of performing successful concerts), Burnaby Village Museum and Carousel (small meeting or a large corporate gathering), Centennial Rose Garden at Burnaby Mountain Park, Century Gardens, Deer Lake Park (opportunities for launching a canoe, sailboating, boating, sunbathing, bird watching, wild-life viewing, hiking, or just relaxing), Michael J...